Salzia homes

At Salzia Homes, we are a local, family-owned real estate company that excels in both residential and commercial property development. With over a quarter-century of experience in property management, we offer a range of accommodations, from upscale to workforce housing. Our expert real estate services cater to investors and renters in Guyana and are characterized by our hands-on approach and impartial advice, leading to cost-effective and realistic solutions.

We are proud to manage over 100 properties, including industrial warehouses, apartments, office buildings, and 2M square feet of commercial space. At Salzia Homes, we understand that every asset, client, and tenant is unique. That’s why we offer customized property management solutions to fit your specific needs.

Experience the unparalleled service that only a leading company in the industry can offer. Our focus is on understanding the needs of our clients and tenants, and we utilize our extensive network and platform to drive sustained value.

Our team of 50 professionals, based across Guyana, is dedicated to sharing best practices, ideas, and innovations from around the world. We prioritize providing outstanding service and are client-focused, striving to deliver value through operational excellence, strategic cost reduction, responsible environmental and social practices, innovative building technology, and programmatic solutions.